Patty Nix is the Owner/Operator of Cartoon Ups as well as being Nicks wife. Patty took over the company in 2009 after Nick went through major heart surgery. Nick stating "That was the best decision we've ever made." Things were looking a bit grim as Nick's health limitations were beginning to affect how Cartoon Ups performed. Since then Patty has brought the company up to a level of integrity and productivity that is seldom seen in the world of caricature not to mention business in general.

As a mother of 4 adult kids -5 if you count Nick- and a grandmother of 4 (soon to be 5) of the cutest babies on planet earth, Patty manages a pretty successful business. Her role as owner has helped to redefine peoples understanding of hiring a caricature artist by turning it into a full service entertainment experience.

Patty is the first voice you hear when you call. She handles the schedule, helps the client with issues related to their event. Things like contacting other Artists if the client wants/needs more coverage or sometimes adding a Face Painter or two. Keep in mind that Patty manages Nick, she is not an agent for other artists but she is always willing to help round up more talent if a need arises.

Patty attends 99% of the events she books -at no added cost- assuring that things run as smoothly as possible. Doing things like taking care of Nick's or other artists needs, making  friendly conversation with the subject (s) being drawn, bagging drawings -saving time for the artist and ultimately the client and of course cutting lines early enough that patrons don't wait unnecessarily.

Essentially Patty does EVERYTHING but draw the pictures. "I don't mind doing it all. Nick has enough on his plate being the 2nd Best Artist Ever. Besides, now he doesn't have any excuses when it comes to drawing." After 38 years together Nick and Patty make a pretty good team.


Nick Nix is a resident of Cicero, Indiana. His artistic resume includes serving as the art director of a sportswear firm for close to a decade, owning his own graphics company and drawing caricatures since 1988.

As the Art Director of Midwest Sportswear, Nick had the opportunity to develop artwork for such prestigious events as the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and companies like  P E R R Y  E L L I S - AMERICA.

Since '88 Nick has been seen drawing for the Indianapolis Colts and at Indiana Beach as well as developing caricatures for local celebrities such as the on-air personalities of WXIR/WBRI radio. He had the opportunity to draw Steve Carell for a portrait that was given to him when he left the NBC show The Office in 2011. He has also drawn George Hill of our own Indiana Pacers. And since 2013 Nick has had the honor of being the exclusive caricature artist for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He has created hundreds of logos for companies over the years as well as corporate mascots like Wacky Zack and the interplanetary characters for Peanut Free Planet.

Additionally Nick enjoys drawing for local charities, participating in events for Riley's Children's Hospital, Girls INC., Hamilton County's Safe Place, Chaucies's Place, Hamilton County Humane Society and the American Cancer Society.

At 60 Nick is married with 4 children and 6 grandbabies. He teaches Art, Sunday School and little children not to pick their noses. Being a bilateral amputee Nick loves to make bad puns saying things like he is "2 feet shorter than he used to be", that he "keeps spare legs in a foot locker" and his favorite movie is "Footloose". He is kicking (see what he did there) around the idea of writing a book titled "Two Feet Short at the Finish Line".

Contacting Cartoon Ups
Feel free to call us regarding questions or booking info or just to chat about "toon-ups". Business hours are 8:00 am - 9:00 pm Monday-Saturday. Have a great day!



Patty (for booking info or questions about a gig)
Phone: 317.319.8912

Nick (the artist that's the smartest -HA!)
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