From Patty, Chad, Taylor and Nick, we hope that you have a Happy New Year. Stay tuned there is much more coming in 2024!

2023 was one crazy-busy year for Cartoon Ups. A lot of folks getting married last year, in fact we wrapped up 2023 drawing for a lovely couple in Lafayette, Indiana all the way up to ten minutes before the calendar changed to 2024. If you are planning to get married and would like to have us at your reception to help entertain your guests or give them a great keepsake commemorating your special day have a look at our Wedding Page

Coming Soon!!! We will be adding an online catalog of images before the end of 2023. It will allow guests to order pre-drawn digital images that we have done for our Comic-Cons. In the future you can look forward to more and more images in our catalog as we will be adding to this feature regularly. If you have an idea for a scene you would like to see available feel free to let us know HERE

"That's Not Real Art" is one of the new pages on our site explaining how digital artwork is developed in comparison to drawing in the real world.

Of course March is when we celebrate St. Patrick's Day on Friday the 17th, a perfect opportunity to get a drawing of you and your favorite leprechaun. Cartoon portraits make great gifts and don't forget we can come to your St. Patrick's Day party and draw your guests. Give Patty a call or you can email her. Her contact info is HERE

Check us out on Facebook HERE and you can follow us on Instagram at #CartoonUps

If you have questions about hiring us you can get a lot of info HERE. All or at least most of your questions about what we need when we set up can be found there. Also you can see samples of drawings a little larger HERE.

You can check out our video HERE. We have more projects in the works.

Lots of new things coming to our site in the coming weeks. Come back soon and see.

It has been a while since I uploaded some new portfolio drawings.


This weeks updates:
October, 2022

Since Halloween is full of scary images we figured we could have some fun with a couple of classics. Nick's favorite monster movies are still the classics. No not Freddy Kruger or Michael Myers, the REAL classics. Frankenstein, The Wolfman and topping his list The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

These three groovy goulies are our way of saying Happy Halloween. If you want you can share your coloring on our Facebook page for all the world to see. Just send a picture of your favorite coloring/activity page and we will share your work.

Keep in mind these are intended for private use only. Have fun.

This weeks updates: October 18th - 24th, 2020

Things are starting to warm up as schools start to open. August is moving Cartoon Ups to a better place in 2020. Thanks to COVID19 the digital aspect of cartoon portrait drawing is catching on. This medium allows the subjects being drawn to watch as the process takes place. The responses have been fantastic.

We look forward to utilizing these available platforms that enable us to provide fun memories and keepsakes to keep those memories alive. If you are interested in having a live virtual event, either for your company, school, organization or family please contact Patty via email at: Patty@CartoonUps.com

Stay tuned, it ain't over till it's over.

This weeks updates: August 2nd - 8th, 2020

Virtual Cartoon Portraits

There have been a lot of changes over these past four months. One of them has been drawing folks in the locations they have been quarantined to. A lot of schools instead of having the typical end of the year events on campus opted to have online events where Nick could draw their staff and students wherever they may be all over the country.

Although LIVE social gatherings and celebrations are the best way to get portraits drawn with friends and classmates the Virtual Cartoon Portraits offer a unique chance to have these drawings done. So far Nick has drawn at events that allowed people from locations all over the world to come together in a fun cartoon portrait. In early July a family that had members in South Korea, Colorado and Ohio.

We are using the latest digital innovations to bring people together in fun ways. We are working on videos that will demonstrate our newest as well as traditional features. Check out our latest commercial. We made it for one of the agencies that represents us. CLICK HERE There's a lot more on the horizon. Stay tuned.



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